Sarah Dey Hirshan

Sarah Dey Hirshan, collaborator

Sarah was a performer with the North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL) from 2003 to 2009.  With NACL she originated roles in TerroticaAmerican ValueThe Mystery of Lakewood HouseThe Uncanny Appearance of Sherlock Holmes, the Lost Book of Lakewood House and Self Portrait at County Fair.  Sarah has also performed with New York City based companies including Under The Table and The International WOW Company.  Sarah is currently training with Odin Teatret actress Roberta Carreri and training and performing with Brooklyn based acrobatic/dance company LAVA.  Sarah received her B.A. in theatre from Wesleyan University.   In February 2011 she is making her third trip to Ottawa to give acrobatics coaching to the Ottawa Stilt Union.
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