Our New Website

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Please have patience, we are under construction!

Merci de votre patience pendant les travaux sur le site!

  1. Annette Groves says:

    I saw you at the Museum of Civilization last year and really enjoyed your show. I would like to plan to bring people to one of your outdoor shows. On July 17 you will be a Remic rapids. That’s next weekend and the time is still TBA.

    • The show at Remic Rapids will be at 11am. Come in large numbers!! 🙂

      • Katherine says:

        What a fabulous show! The actors, the writing, the interweaving of sound and music, the costumes! I am SO glad that I heard the promo on CBC’s “In Town and Out”. The big disapointment is that there are no subsequent perfomances becasue I would love to drag all my friends out to see you!!! Certainly, it could be called a “children’s” or “family” performance, but we older adults were captivated.
        We’ll be happy to see announcements of future performances as your website develops

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