A Youppi Farewell

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dear friends, fellow Youppinites,

For almost a year, we have come together monthly to revel in the magic and mystery of whimsical ventures into the unexpected. We have taken an opportunity to look outward at one another and contemplate the world we live in; we have given ourselves permission to turn inward and examine our own hopes and fears; we have dared to gaze upon the unknown, only to plunge straight through it and clamp our pincers onto whatever lies beyond. In our gatherings we have shared a collective fantasy, and a window into the singular reality that unites us all. Throughout all of this we’ve made new friends, just as we’ve become reacquainted with long-dormant parts of our own selves. And we’ve sprinkled a few shavings of zest onto our day-to-day scuttle.

The Youppi Club started out as an experiment and a challenge: a dare to ourselves to keep our creativity engaged and our ennui at claw’s length. And when we look around at the old friends and the new friends whose lives have been touched one way or another by our shenanigans, we must admit that the attempt has proven successful. We’ve brought a little magic into our Monday nights, that ineffable glow that grows to a warm hum over the course of an evening when everyone is having fun and no one knows exactly what’s going on. And as we go our separate ways and head home at the end of the night, that warmth goes with us, carried along in our heads and in our hearts; it continues to be dispersed in shimmering strands across our community long after the source has dissipated.

On that note, it is with emotion that we announce that this particular source of warmth will be going to sleep indefinitely. We have put a lot of energy into making this magic come to life; and you, our friends and faithful fans, have contributed immeasurably to carrying and propagating that energy. However, we are but a small group of theatre creators dividing our efforts among a plethora of creative enterprises, and we have reached a point where the level of resources required to continue sparking this energy into existence has become unsustainable for our humble forces. Thus, we have had to make the difficult decision of focusing our attention on other projects for the time being.
But, as no energy can truly be destroyed, only redirected and transformed, so the energy that we have collectively concentrated and sent out into the world continues to bounce around, transferring from one person to the next and enriching each life it touches, even as its source lies dormant. Let not this slumber detract from the joy and beauty that we have all felt. Let it instead leave room for more beauty to be created, to be experienced, to be shared. If the Youppi Club has taught us anything, it is that we are all unique sources of our own glowing warmth, and sole curators of its distribution. Let’s all make the best of that potential.
Keep snapping those pincers, folks. You never know what you’ll catch next.

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