Gabrielle Lalonde

Gabrielle Lalonde has been working as a bilingual actor-performer in Ottawa for a half-dozen years. She has created and performed with many emerging companies of the Ottawa region, including Les Créations In Vivo (Drôles de vacances, 2009), Le Trou Normand (Desserts et autres sucreries, 2009; Le Spa Normand, 2010), and Counterpointe Players (Pirate Jenny’s Circus, nominated for Best Adaptiation at the 2009 Rideau Awards). She has obtained a Master’s degree in Theatre from the University of Ottawa and has continued to develop her skills through master classes: in voice work with Natascha Nikeprelevic (from Berlin, Germany), in rhythms with Reiner Wiens (from Montréal, Canada), and in movement with Gey Ping Ang (from Singapore). Gabrielle has also been teaching workshops in acting, chorus work, and movement at Le Festival Hearst sur les planches,Tassez-vous, on joue!, and Festival intercollégial de théâtre. More recently, she has worked as a movement director and choreographer on small- and large-scale productions : Eurydice (2011), Mamamouchi! (2012) and Seul (2012).

In 2009, she joined the collective Les Ateliers du corps, which approaches theatre through martial art movement and polyphonic singing. Gabrielle has performed in the three plays produced by this collective: Circe/Landfall (2010), at the Canada Dance Festival; Shah Mat (2011), at the Ottawa Dance Directive, and most recently “And treat the Distant Peoples with kindness (2012). She joined the Ottawa Stilt Union in 2012 with the project À la recherche des escargots / Searching for Snails. In the fall of 2012, Gabrielle will be working as a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa.


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