Supporters / Contributeurs

Donors for November 28-29 Auction – Encan en ligne les 28-29 novembre, voici les donateurs!

Adult Fun Superstore
Cherry Blossom Pole
Beyond the Pale Brewery
Michaels Dolce
Aziz and Company
Dandy Darling Dress
Celestial Creations 4U
Market Organics
I Deal Coffee
Your Corner Butcher
Plosive Productions
Beau’s Brewery
Eddie May
Haunted Walk
Upward Dog Yoga
Herb and Spice Wellness Shop
Bytowne Cinema
Rama Lotus Yoga Centre
Sage Wellness
Dominion City Brewery
Bicycle Craft Brewery
Sioned Watkins Gyrotonics
Three Sisters Theatre Company
Bear & Co.

Sponsors / Parrains (Searching for Snails / À la recherche des escargots)

Helping hand/Coup de pouce ($25)

Generous friend/Coup de main ($50)

  •  Brett Howard

Part of the family/Coup de coeur  ($100+)

Patron/Mécène ($500+)


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