Youppi Club 9 – Stay at Home! Un YC casanier

For its 9th (and, it turns out, final) edition, the Youppi Club offered its most accessible venue to date: your living room! In November 2015, YC members were invited to make outrageous fun happen in the comfort of their own home. Our members showed a lot of creativity, and participated not only from their home, but also from backstage at the National Arts Centre, a restaurant in Germany, or a classroom in Ireland! Our most far-away participant was all the way in Australia! We provided an inspirational fun-kit, and our members did the rest! See the results below.

Notre 9e (et dernier) Youppi Club était le plus accessible de tous: les membres pouvaient participer de leur propre salon! En novembre 2015, nous avons fourni une trousse d’activités pour que les participants puissent partager leurs exploits en ligne avec nous. Et ces membres ont démontré une grande créativité: non seulement dans leur salon, mais dans l’arrière-scène du Centre National des Arts, dans un restaurant en Allemagne, et dans une salle de classe en Irlande! Notre participant le plus éloigné a partagé une vidéo de l’Australie! Voyez les résultats ci-dessous…

Not all videos could be made available out of Facebook, so please have a look at the event page, trust us, it’s worth it!
Plusieurs des vidéos n’ont pu être partagés ici, mais valent la peine d’être visionnés. Allez faire un tour par Facebook pour les voir!

Spelling out in German/anthromorphose:

Yoga Youppi Club:

Fort Lobster & Parkour:




Getting creative in Germany:

All the way from Perth Australia…

Chanson et animation: 


Building a fort in a German restaurant:

Danse interprétative:

Balloon burst:
Side by side in our own living room
As we blew, we awaited our doom
For with each timid blow
O! The tension did grow
Till it finally burst with a BOOM!


Grape toss:

Our videos: 

There once was a lobster named Youppi
Who found that his tail was quite droopy
He found some blue pills
Which gave him the skills
To proudly stand up and make whoopie!

On this day, as our antics unfurled,
(So much fun that we both nearly hurled)
How we cackled with glee
Amidst shouts of “YOUPPI!”
For the awesomest club in the world!

There was a young man who screamed Youppi!
After wearing a live lobster toupee.
He had not much hair, now there’s even less there.
This young man was decidedly loopy.


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