Youppi Club 9 – fun kit

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Youppi Club!
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Here are some easy to follow instructions to help you participate in the ninth edition of the Youppi Club from the comfort of your own living room! You are encouraged to get creative. Dress up, invite your friends over, pick up a bowl of grapes and get ready for fun! Share photos, videos, or testimonials of your sucessful soirée in real-time on our event page, or via Twitter, using #YC9.

You may choose to do all of these activities, or to pick just a few, and if you’re inspired to create your own, please share them so that other Youppi Club members can join in on the fun!

Pin-holding members of the Youppi Club can get an extra perk: Share a picture of you with your YC pin, and we’ll send you a personnalised postcard!

In order for this Youppi Club to be official, it must be concluded with the singing of the official YC song. Click here for a link to a video of our song!

Here’s a list of our proposed activities, with a few videos of our own!

– Blow up a balloon till it bursts – in your face! Make sure to film this feat! Here’s our own balloon bursting video!

– Muscle & bone – See instructional video for this activity. If you happen to own Galaxy pants, put them on before you begin!

– Make up your own Youppi Club theme song, and share the results with us!

– Spell out Youppi Club with your body, whether alone or as a group, and take pictures to share with us! 10405346_1038882999472449_4466858101260369429_n (1)

– Create an interpretive lobster swimming dance – maybe to the tune of your new Youppi Club theme song?

– Construct a lobster with found items, or dress your partner or pet as a lobster. As always, let us see the results!

– Grape toss – There are two levels to this event:
Spit a grape from your mouth into a target (a bowl, or otherwise) OR
Spit a grape from your mouth into a partner’s mouth! (This is superhero level stuff, so make sure to dress appropriately!)

– Household parkour – hall surfing, doorway climbing etc. You’ve heard of parkour in a city, now find unusual ways to move through your house! Again, superhero attire is encouraged. We had a bit of fun of our own…

– Build a fort. When was the last time you did that?! 11923210_10153420693145081_5341141837726371376_n

– Find an item (or more than one) in your kitchen and make a game out of it. Share the rules with us so we can play as well.

– Write a limerick about the Youppi Club, and either write or record it for us. Best limerick composer gets to pick a theme for a future Youppi Club!